Thank you, Mr. President! I always loved your authenticity, humility, respect for others ( whether their culture —as you describe above in your anecdote about Japan), and ability to get things done during tough times. Sometimes this involves a harm reduction approach, as you mention about dealing with banks during the awful recession. Most of all, I liked your positivity, humanity, and aim to unify rather than divide us — especially after a tragedy (the mind-numbing murders in a Charleston, SC church, for example). This is in sharp contrast to the person who Biden recently defeated by popular and electoral vote. Maybe I’m being overly idealistic here, but I like the idea of having a leader (in my job and as a citizen) who I can relate to and like … you know, as someone I wouldn’t mind having a drink or meal and some conversation with. Watching you and Bourdain grab Pho in Vietnam and your invitation to the white police officer and the black Harvard scholar he wrongfully arrested, Henry Louis Gates, to the White House for a beer to talk it through — only reinforced my feeling that you fit that bill for me as I leader I admired but also wouldn’t mind having a coffee and some interesting discussion with.

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