Hey Jennie Young … uh …wow.

Baby (delete —inapprop / AWK), I mean, Professor, thank you for this.

I sailed the high seas of adjunctification, on and off, Mademoiselle Professor, for nearly seven- ( 7)- god- forsaken --gosh-dang years. I usually taught 6 sections or so of composition (comp) I, II, introductory lit, et al. You know the drill, bab--Professor.

You know how sharp and real those fluorescent lights can be in that moldy classroom…standing before those 20 or 40 lucky ducks who chose your class because you didn’t look too scary (not you, ever lol) on RMP (rate my prof.blah)

Thank you for this.

Your stunning diction …and titillating prose (with tongue-in-cheek allusion and adroit insertion a la le pun) — seriously made ME want to be under your tuteledge ad infinitum.

With my experience in the trenches of adjunct hell, eating cold ramon noodles whilst grading thousands of student essays for years — I would love to submit to you — some contributions for this publication. Or sharpen your pencils. Fetch coffee. Discuss the overuse of intentional fragments In Today’s Society. Thank you, again. Please excuse any errors in this AWK-long comment. It’s late and I write this under the dim light of futility — and the tavern lamp.

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